Massimo Gazzani

Massimo Gazzani

Massimo GazzaniSenior Partner CEO

Specialization and professional activities:

  • Corporate and international taxation
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Review and reporting
  • Holding and trusts

Headquarters: Verona

Curriculum vitae

Massimo Gazzani – born in Verona on 11 April 1964, is a contract professor at the University of Verona, Department of Economic and Business Sciences, where he is co-director of the “Family Business Management” course.

Chartered accountant and statutory auditor, business consultant for medium and large companies and organisations.

Education and academic career 1980-present of Massimo Gazzani’s studies:

– Scientific high school diploma from the Don Bosco high school in Verona.
– Degree in Economics and Commerce from the University of Verona
– Masters and specialization courses at Bocconi University in Milan
– Editor and publisher of publications and books with various publishing houses (EgeaBocconi, IlSole24Ore, Maggioli), he has participated in numerous seminars and conferences at national and international level.

Professional activity

Massimo Gazzani is the main partner of Studio Gazzani, now Studio Gazzani Stp, of which he is President, founded in 1955, and documented on, as well as a reference member in Italy of the international network GMN International (15 ° accounting and tax network in the world).

The main areas of professional interest concern:

Company and corporate activity assessments.
– Il supporto a operazioni di finanza straordinaria e accordi interaziendali.
– Support for extraordinary finance operations and intercompany agreements.
– The restructuring of debt and corporate activities.
– The design of management planning and control systems. National and international acquisitions and evaluations. Extraordinary operations and generational transitions.

On these topics he has carried out numerous professional interventions in medium and large sized, private and public companies.

Furthermore, he acts as an expert (appointed by the Company, by the Italian or foreign Parties, and/or by the Court) in the context of evaluations for extraordinary operations (including: mergers, demergers, contributions, M&A), but also certifications of plans in debt restructuring operations, as well as drafter of family agreements and generational agreements for medium-sized companies.

Participates in corporate governance as a director (non-executive) and auditor/auditor.

Scientific activity

Massimo Gazzani’s research activity has mainly involved the following fields:

Company evaluation and financial structure (with capital evaluation activities in extraordinary finance operations);
Corporate finance and strategy (with activities and operations on the economic evaluation of strategic choices, using models based on the discounting of monetary flows and real options);
Insights and analysis of the company, especially based on company resources and skills (with analysis of the nature, management and evaluation of company skills);
Corporate Governance and financial structure (with activities on corporate governance and financial structure in Italian companies);
Management of businesses in crisis and debt restructuring;
Private equity and business performance (with private equity intervention activities and operations in the performance of family businesses in Italy).

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