Studio Gazzani has been providing bookkeeping, tax consulting, job counseling and payroll management since 1955 years.

Thanks to our many professionals, Studio Gazzani is able to support the Client at each stages of his/her business activities: from assisting in the design and implementation of accounting and reporting models to drafting of financial statements and consequently the fulfillment of the relevant legal requirements, the preparation of periodic reports on the basis of models studied and agreed upon with the customer in the preparation of group reporting systems.

Specific competence has been gained in verifying that the company’s information and accounting system is actually tailored to the needs of the Client and that it takes on its role as an efficient tool for analyzing and managing company dynamics, thus avoiding relegating it as often happens to the only reductive civil and fiscal functions maximizing the benefits and creating value for the company, also thank the “electronic invoicing”.

Studio Gazzani offers business services of: corporate services, accounting and tax services, payroll and job counseling.

  • The department dedicated to corporate services deals with all the legal obligations related to company life (management and updating of social books, reports with the Business Register, telematic submissions, …).
  • The accounting and tax services department presides over the management of bookkeeping, retention and updating of accounting books and, in general, all the administrative, tax and accounting services necessary for corporate life; on demand of the Client, it can oversee the delivery of these services to its offices, thus allowing the latter to concentrate their resources solely on their core business.
  • The payroll and job counseling department deals with salary processing and management of all work related issues (CCNL management, recruitment, dismissal, union signing, …). Payroll is a complex process of activities that has different objectives, both in the short and in the long term. These activities expone results both to the workers and managers with the monthly paychecks and all the monthly expenses, and to the company’s management, with the calculation of costs and provisional budgets that gives them an accurate and real time of the balance sheet.  

Business Consulting dedicated to Companies is also (and above all) planning and management control, business plan, budget analysis and cost analysis, organizational planning, civil, fiscal and commercial consulting. All tools suitable for any type of small, medium or large companies, that Studio Gazzani offers to its Clients, as well as Strategic Advisory, which remains a fundamental tool to offer professional services to guide the most correct solutions, especially in critical phases like today, during which it is possible to support the client in the management of the company.