Studio Gazzani Team has acquired a specific specialization in both national and transnational Merge and Acquisition (M&A) operations. These operations, always characterized by a significant complexity and articulation, require multidisciplinary expertise in tax, corporate, accounting and balance, contractual and, often very often, corporate recovery.

The activity is carried out both on the acquisition of companies or businesses and on the part of the vendor, also by the preventive steps of managing turn-around operations necessary to create the appropriate conditions for the conclusion of the final transaction.

In addition to the mentioned skills, Studio Gazzani has also gained a special experience in the construction of financial projects necessarily associated with these operations, also carrying out fund raising activities, drafting business and financial plans, and managing the execution of the transactions actually undertaken, including corporate duties such as members of board of directors, members of trade unions or statutory auditors, “agent” in the operations.