With a great experience with international groups, our professionals working in this area have gained a deep technical knowledge in the company and budget field and have developed specific operating procedures that can meet even the needs of the most demanding Clients, even cross-border operations.

A wide experience has been gained in assisting Italian subsidiaries of multinational corporations in creation and management of an accounting and administrative system that is suitable to reconcile the needs of the group with respect to Italian law.

Studio Gazzani provides assistances and advisory in every step of corporate life: from foundation to extinction, including through the study of extraordinary operations or corporate and group reorganizations, in order to optimize the structures supporting their customers even in the strategic phase of Identifying objectives more coherent than the needs of the specific moment.

This area includes the reorganization of corporate equity structures, trust and personal assets management, due diligence, issuance of advice and ongoing and generic corporate advice.

Studio Gazzani is a reference member for Italy of GMNI (www.gmni.com), an international professional network for accounting, taxation and auditing.

The fundamental process of an auditing report is to first understand the process of the business. At Studio Gazzani, we try to best comprehend the key drivers and risks of your company and the markets around it. Our insights and the trusting relationship that we built with our companies, make our company the best solutions for a companies daily and special operations.

In order to best understand the business and prove our assumptions right, we are supported by advanced data and analytical technologies. We are part of GMN group, an international auditing union of firm, that collaborates together to bring new insights and support our clients in each country of the world.

Our team of professionals can create value from your audit, communicate with the stakeholders and generate information to improve efficiency.

Due to ours long experience in the sector, Studio Gazzani runs since three generations and from more than 60 years, we have becomed accurate consultsants in a vartiey of services. We can help your company: manage payroll, tax services, auditing, pension scheme, assess financial and regulatory risks, manage human capital.

What rewards and makes winning? Surely the intelligence and preparation, combined with the spirit of sacrifice, the daily commitment are crucial requirements of my professional experience: an inherited baggage, but also highly sought after.