With “Special Affairs” and “Special Situations” we mean every delicate and particular evolutionary phase of the Company which has the character of an extraordinary nature, typical, for example, of moments of corporate growth, of change of ownership, including generational, of openness to new territories and also referable to pathological situations which can sometimes compromise ordinary company operations, requiring financial restructuring, corporate reorganization or corporate reorganization interventions.

With reference to this operational department, the accounting firm Gazzani has developed specific skills in the following areas:

  • in economic and financial planning through the drafting of budgets, company forecasts and business plans, also carrying out evaluation processes of companies and companies as well as assisting companies and law firms in corporate disputes as a CTP for the drafting of appraisals and “quantum expertise”
  • in the definition and execution of corporate and financial restructuring projects (including corporate reorganizations pursuant to art. 67 LF, debt restructuring agreements pursuant to art. 182 bis LF, and preventive agreements with particular specialization in the so-called continuous and group agreements) , in the valorization and financing of credit (NPL), in the setting up and preparation of tax transactions pursuant to art. 182 ter LF. In particular, Studio Gazzani, an accountant, has developed specific specializations in the “Industrial Manufacturing”, “Agricultural”, “Food and Beverage”, “Renewable Energy”, “Luxury”, “Public Bodies” and “Real Estate” sectors, assisting both private and public and, also in this case, also holding corporate positions such as members of boards of directors, extraordinary administrators in Extraordinary Administration operations pursuant to Legislative Decree 270/99.

Studio Gazzani is a reference member for Italy of GMNI (www.gmni.com), an international professional accounting, taxation and auditing network.