Matteo Carrara

Matteo Carrara


Specialization and professional activities:

  • Financial statements and reporting
  • Corporate and international taxation
  • Holding and trusts
  • Audits

Office: Verona

Biographical notes

Born in Verona on 6 March 1980.


– Scientific high school diploma achieved in 1999 at the “G.Galilei” Scientific High School in Verona.
– Degree (4 years) in Economics and Business from the University of Verona achieved on 24 February 2006. Thesis title: «Intangible Assets»: sources of competitive advantage and drivers of value, supervisor prof. Antonio Tessitore;
– Graduation grade: 103 out of 110;

Professional experiences

– In parallel with the course of studies (2002-2006), professional experience regarding tax, accounting and labor legislation with constant use of management systems.
– From March 2006 to November 2006 at the Business Management office of Volkswagen Group Italia S.p.A. (formerly Autogerma Spa): during this period, in addition to the main role of the office, namely that of analysis and economic-financial control of the dealer network, I was entrusted with some projects related to network development, profitability studies and action/business plan.
– From November 2006 to April 2010 employed at KPMG spa, a leading auditing and accounting firm where I have the current qualification of “Senior”. I faced, also as “team leader”:
– Audit of financial statements drawn up according to Italian accounting principles of companies operating in the automotive, energy, construction (contract work), commercial in general, large-scale distribution, production, as well as shareholding sectors;
– Audit of financial statements drawn up according to international accounting standards (IAS/IFRS) of companies in the automotive sector and the financial/banking sector belonging to listed groups;
– Half-yearly review of interim financial statements drawn up according to IAS/IFRS of companies belonging to listed groups;
– Review of liquidation balance sheets;
– Participation in an FTA (“First Time Adoption”) project of IAS/IFRS principles at a listed company in the energy sector;
– Consultancy at “Generali spa” for the implementation of the management model based on law 262/2005 (“savings law”);
– Drafting of business plans and verification of the same according to management control criteria;
– Periodic accounting control pursuant to art. 2409-ter and ex art.155 of Legislative Decree 24 February 1998, n. 58″ for positions pursuant to the Consolidated Finance Act (TUF);
– Due diligence activities for corporate transactions
– In October 2009, during the first session of the State Exams, I obtained the qualification to practice the profession of Chartered Accountant: subsequently registered in the Register (section A), on 2 November 2009 with registration number 1570 /TO.
– Registered in the Register of Statutory Auditors following registration in the Register of Chartered Accountants since 29 January 2010.
– From April 2010 to October 2010, studio assistant at “Cristofori+partners sstp” with focus on ongoing accounting-tax assistance and corporate and tax advice.

– Since October 2010, collaborator at Studio Gazzani.

Personal skills and competences

– Good oral understanding of the English language; understanding of written English is very good, thanks to constant practice in reading Anglo/American newspapers. Spanish basics.
– Excellent knowledge and mastery of the Windows operating system and Office package; in my work experiences, I have particularly developed the use of Excel and Powerpoint as reporting tools (building databases, spreadsheets, pivot tables, graphs, presentations to General Managers, etc.). Programming notions.

Areas of interest

Company valuation.
– Budget theory and analysis.
– Business groups
– Legal audit and internal auditing processes.
– Management control.
– Corporate, accounting and administrative consultancy

Personal interests

My personal interests are varied: I read a lot and constantly follow current events by reading newspapers. I play various sports (team and non-team) including football, tennis and cycling. I am a true fan of every musical genre.